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These are the most common, frequently asked questions. We strive for giving you the best user experience, so we welcome your feedback! 

For all other questions send us a mail: .


Q:How long has TheWalkingCat been around? Who are we?

A:We are very new! Just in December 2018, we have opened up our store. Only in March 2019, US customers can now access our store as well! 

So we are proud to be an Austrian Company, in the heart of Europe.

Q:What about the items your offer? Mass merchandise?

A:For Hoodies and Shirts? No! These products are only printed on demand, which means after you made an order. That ensures you wear your own unique item! 

These items you will not find in other shops.

Of course, we do offer other related items as well.

Q:What are we about?

A:We love fashion, jewelry and accessories. That's why we think everyone should express his passion for fashion. It's not just about cats, but we also have cat designs we sell!

Q:Where do we send from?

A:T-Shirts and Hoodies: We send from our business partner in the EU and US.

All other items: These items are fulfilled from our shipping centres around the globe.

Q:Where do we ship?

A:As we are just starting out, we only ship to:

  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Austria

Soon we will be selling in the UK, Australia and Canada too.

Q:What do I pay with?

A: As we are based in the EU, all transactions are in EURO (€). That means: You will check out using EURO (€).

But no Worries: For US Customers, we display the product prices in USD ($) as well. GBP,CAD and AUD available too. Exchange rates update daily.

You will still see EURO (€) during the Checkout process.

Note: We are not held responsible for any transaction fees.

Q:What about shipping?

A:For more info, read our Shipment & Tracking page.

Q:What about taxes and prices?

A:All prices include Austrian VAT.

EU: We only charge Austrian VAT on customers in the EU. 

US,UK, Australia, etc.: No VAT is charged.

Q:How long does it take for my order to reach me?

A:On average your items take less than 15 business days to reach you.

Track your order here with your tracking number :

Q:Which payment methods do we offer?

A:We offer

  • Credit Card payments: American Express, VISA, MasterCard
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal (Express)

We highly recommend PayPal because of their speed!

In the future, we also want to offer payments using Cryptocurrencies.

Q:How do I make a return or refund?

A:Send us an email at We will get to you quickly!