About Us

We are an Austrian Company, based in the mighty mountains of Tyrol.


Our Team: Michael & Marco

Our idea: Let's give you unique articles that are not just related to cats. Although cats are much more than pets.

And our store is not just about cats.

What we offer.

Next to special & unique deals for you, we also offer something unique for you:

 On-Demand Shirts and Hoodies.

These are products which get printed only after your order. This ensures that you wear a unique item nobody else is wearing!

We are serious about Uniqueness : You will not find these Tee's on Amazon or other websites.

Where our products come from

All our printed-articles are printed in the EU and US. That's what we are proud of!

This is our business partner in the EU, for example.



... Machines..

... and of course happy employees!

 Printful Riga Team

 Why you can trust us.

Our unique Merchandise 

With Tees and Hoodys printed on Demand, you can never go wrong! Compare this to the mass merchandise you can get at your local store.


This is also the reason for our shipping time of 10 business days:

Before shipping, your products need to be printed. You really get "fresh" products.

We also have other interesting products.

We also aim to give you other amazing products at prices you can afford. As we work very closely with our suppliers, you can ensure you get your products.

Your satisfaction is ours!

That's us: The Walking Cat.


Michael, CEO of The Walking Cat